We are an events-focused company that promotes events around the globe for both non-profit organisations to corporate conferences.


We pride ourselves working with businesses. With our strong business background and work ethic, we provide the essential means in advertising our clientele’s events ensuring that the event reaches its intended target audience.


T and M Global Events strives to be the most sought after events publishing company around the globe, and to be the number one choice for all event planners.

Core Values

T and M Global Events reflects what we stand for and who we are as a company. By giving back to the community and ensuring that the intended event reaches its full published potential.

Customer Assurance

Building lasting relationships with our clientele that will make a positive impact on their lives.


Providing a first-class publishing platform for events.


We value our clientele and respect our diverse community. We recognise and realise that each individual is unique and different, but still human, no matter ethnic, religion, sex, or preference.

Win as a Team

We aim to build our reputation in the event industry and developing good connections with our clientele.