What was at the Cape Model and Toy Spring Fair?

Toys! Toys! Tyres, miniature buildings, place-able forests, dolls and toys!

What else could one expect to see of a toy fair if not toys themselves? The annual Spring fair marks the end of the first month of Spring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an end to all things. For some it was the beginning of opening a new collection whilst for others it was simply adding more trophies to the growing desire to relive reminiscent memories.

On 28 September 2019, a member of T&M Global Events personally attended the event, with visual footage in the form of a vlog, which can be found right here:

Unfortunately the video itself is a little fast, but with cars and the traditional Tokyo Drift theme song, albeit remixed, goes with the theme, don’t you agree? Even if the general theme of the fair was toys, cars were the main attraction.

Even with no normal-scaled exotic cars on the market, miniature versions, ranging from scale to scale were on full display for viewing and purchasing purposes.

With something that was available for both young and old, the event combined similar interests, showcasing the long-age traditional thoughts of “that no one is ever too old to play”, after all, as infants to grandparents, all you really want to have is fun, right? And what better way to do that then with a brand new toy, even if it was revived from the 50s.

Vice the Pug preparing for an event at Stellenbosch

Preparing for an event, especially one where you’re one of the main stars, is never easy. It’s kind of nerve-wrecking experience in general for anyone, except when you’re a natural performer on four legs.

On 6 March 2019, Wednesday evening at Stellenbosch, awareness towards pugs and the situation that they’re in with being adopted was spread with the help of pugs strutting their stuff on a platform. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the necessary footage of the pugs showing what they’re made of, but we did film one of the stars showing how to prepare for showing off on stage.

Having arrived in 2017, Vice, previously known as Bryce, came from a Non-Profit Organisation, Pug Rescue, to his new home in Cape Town to start his new life with his new family. Vice now has a life of sleeping on a warm bed next to his new brother, spending his days to the fullest with a constant smile.

Vice’s Backstory

Vice the Pug