Durban Pug Olympics

7 September 2019

Venue: Crawford Prep, North Coast, Watson Highway, Tongaat, Durban
Country Area: Africa; South Africa; KwaZulu Natal
Time: 10 AM to 3 PM
Price: Dogs R5 or a tin of Husky Gravy | Children R10 | Adults R20

What better way to kick off Spring than having a small dog Olympic stadium?

Well-socialised small dogs, and humans, are invited to attend an annual play day hosted by Pug Rescue South Africa. On the day, there are obstacle courses, a twenty meter sprint, and a spoon and potato race that owners can compete in with their dogs.

There are refreshments, food and merchandise available for purchase, with card facilities on hand. At the end of the day, the first, second and third winners of the day will also receive a special prize.

Interesting Facts:
Pug Rescue South Africa rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes pugs in South Africa. They also offer welfare assistance where and when needed to pugs and other dog breeds. Sponsored by Dogs Haven, Pug Rescue South Africa is also the home of Pickle the dwarf pug. Not only that, but they provide a sanctuary to pugs who do can’t find homes, including a retirement option for older pugs.

Contact Details:
Telephone: (+27) 82 449 2644

Social Media:

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